3: Reaver Season

Both 4daBitchez and Ada's Advers have been set the task of defeating a monstrous Majestic Reaver. But do both parties know what they're getting into?

Team 4daBitchez and Ada’s Advers have been given the odd task of slaying a Majestic Reaver. Both parties make preparations and head into the mountains. But is Sakuraba hiding something about this mission, or is this is a simple case of one getting the prize over the other?

The journey began with the addition of the wizard Aeglos to the party; he was brought to Sakuraba for the same reason everyone else was – a legally binding contract to her agency. Substituting for Sun Tsu (who was missing due to a custody battle), the wizard expressed his desire to join the team, and was quickly accepted.

With the two teams pursuing the same target, they quickly set out for the hills. Moriko pointed out to the party that the Majestic Reaver they were after had a tendency to roost in pairs. Reaching the foothills by horseback, 4daBitchez caught up with the Advers (who had gone ahead) and suggested that they should face the creatures together – to which Alessandro simply said no. Having to face at least one Majestic Reaver alone, the party climbed to one of the many peaks of the Kuroyama Range and prepared to do battle.

The battle against the Majestic Reaver was fierce, and mishaps from the group resulted in Mayu falling unconscious under the hand of Kuro. After much struggle, and almost losing the entire party, the Majestic Reaver fell to their combined strength.

Salvaging the dead animal (its pelt, etcetera), the party proceeded to use the creature’s skull as a bobsled, and rode the thing down the slopes to the waypoint, where they proceeded to turn it into a chariot dragged by horses. Arriving at the agency, they discovered that Ada’s Advers had defeated the Majestic Reaver’s mate, and captured a clutch of two eggs.

With their mission “complete” and their reward from the previous mission in hand, Sakuraba announced that she and Jin were travelling to Sanmori Sorento. Hearing this news, the adventurers decided to join Sakuraba for her journey to Sorento.


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