4: An Alternate Route To Sorento

4daBitchez travels to Sorento with Sakuraba. But is it a trap?

Team 4daBitchez is travelling with Harriett Sakuraba, taking a little-travelled route into the concealed adventurer city of Sanmori Sorento in order to participate in the Guild Exam, to earn a Guild License. Before departing, the party encounters and brings in Evea Sliverlight

While travelling through the woods of Mt. Agito towards Sanmori Sorento, Sakuraba explains some details regarding the city. In the middle of her exposition, they are attacked by bandits – the bandits are taken down without much difficulty (although Jin is briefly incapacitated by a particularly angry bandit leader (he gets better)

Upon entering Sanmori Sorento, Sakuraba and Jin leave the party, and the group run into Ada and an Enigmatic Easterner. Ada recognises “Lady Sliverlight”, and the group is taken back at the fact that she is of noble blood. Having registered their application into the Guilding Network, the group is scheduled to enter the first of five sections in the Guild Exam, each designed to test their mettle and ability to work as a cohesive group.

The group is introduced to the concept of Guildmarks and to Master Paizo, who is friendly – a little too friendly – with Amour L’Morte. The group find an inn inside Ward Adravda and rest for the night, a few mishaps notwithstanding, to prepare for the Guild Exam the following day.


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