"Kecard Dain"

Official Cartographer for team Vesper. Marach.

Venturing forth from Corlan we advance towards Osteria, in search for someone who can identify everything we have raided in our last mission.

We entered a tavern and met a minotaur named Kecard Dain and an odd worm bartender. No one got much work done as we proceeded to tackle off the stage a band that consisted of a woman and a man using pistols as drum sticks. I flew towards the skies as I misstepped my teleportation and Puff… Well, Puff had a face fo face encounter with a pistol. Oddly enough it was all settled with drinks.

I still didn’t catch their names, but Puff and the Bard were both heavily drunk and I proceeded to hide them away before they caused some real trouble. This Eladrin that we have met appears to be combat ready enough. Trekking to Schvatz Garden will be nigh impossible without more allies. But he requested one thing, that if he join us. We aid him in his quest to defeat the demon that annihilated his entire town. I gladly agreed as I have my own score to settle with the gods.

We were greeted by guards and summoned to the Duchess of Anour’s abode. Our companions, still heavily intoxicated were taken in by guards and will be given a proper audience when we have all recovered. I’m hoping that these new allies will be somewhat capable, I have my doubts about the bard’s combat effectiveness, but a man with guns is undoubtable. As long as he keeps away from my items.

- Marach.


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