Last Journal pages of Marach.

Official Cartographer for Team Vesper, Marach.

Ending up in Osteria, we were approached by a duchess. This duchess asked us to retrieve the same orb we had already retrieved for Rosette. Not wishing to fail our first client, we took half of what she offered us and put Puff’s life on the line.

Wishing to then evade our already hidden pursuers, we rented a wagon and proceeded to the walled city of Corlan in order to see if Rosette will allows us any favours. Unfortunately that all fell through when Puff gave off too much information and forced us to once again run. But, as the Duchess has complete power over the gates, we decided to serenade her outside her house with our new found bard.

Running off to a far north town filled with Black Guards, we needed to leave.

All I know is, that death feels close. Something about this place seems deadly.

The remaining pages are all in terrible condition and do not say anything except runic gibberish that no one can understand, retrieved from the Deva’s items, as he disippated into the air


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