Onward into the deep.

Official cartographer for the second team heading towards Schvatz Garden. Marach.

We rode from the walled city on worms towards an apparently abandoned city filled with supposed treasure. Given a key by the Lady of the town we have been asked to retrieve some items for her. In exchange we keep anything we find.
Firstly, turns out desert worms, if left without food by their obviously depraved and immoral owners, will(without hesitation) FUCKING DEVOUR ONE OF THEIR OWN SPECIES! SHIT,I WOULDN’T BE SURPRISED IF THEY WERE RELATED. Our next issue came with the dilemma of where to open the door into the deep. We found a hole in the wall which brought forth an umber hulk from the earth, and man, was it pissed. We dealt with it accordingly(barely, more like), yet I failed to leap off of the creature’s back and as such I’m a little scarred from the experience. (Travelling through portals smaller than you are isn’t as fun as it sounds)

We entered the old city and are greeted with labyrinthine structures, I have begun sketching rough guides of the areas should we need to return to them to find our way back. Rooms upon rooms of eerily lit doors and hallways. Ever careful we are, as one small step could trigger our doom, it would be helpful if my comrades didn’t feel the need to break down doors and try and fight and/or possibly rape everything they see.

After wandering for a bit more, we encountered a gargantuan room and greeted by Magical Constructs. Fearing that the doors are trapped somehow, we have made a real point to avoid fighting in doorways as much as possible. I’d rather not pick up the pieces because someone was crushed by a door. The constructs seemed to take a liking to our knights and Puff went down several times in combat(again).

There were also coffins in the room, treasure filled they were. We’ll need to get back to town to identify these items, as the DM doesn’t approve of scrolls of identify, and i can’t seem to find Deckard Cain anywhere. But that won’t happen till we find the orb.

Once we collected the treasure, there appeared two doors and I noticed a dip in the far side of the room -As if there was a room, but closed off. I had the paladins break down the wall. We continue for our search of the orb.


ReverseG Ex_Oblivione

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