Returns and Losses.

Emerging from the city we leave an ally.

Official Cartographer and nominal team leader Marach reporting on our journeys from the Old City.

As we destroyed the fake door we enter a chamber and are greeted by dim lights and an altar clasping an orb. We check the room for any dangers and ponder on how to get to the orb. Puff decides to charge headlong into it and grab the orb(because i, having no testicles and such refuse to endanger myself regardless of my AC), at which point something triggers and we’re completely weightless. Kuro and I ponder on using our crossbows to fire a line towards Puff, by such we’d be able to pull him in like a fish, Puff ignores our efforts and decides to grab the orb and kick off. As this happens, walls of flames surround him. I dive in and deflect the flames with the flat of my blade and he utilises his breath to cancel it out.

Leaving the room gravity returns and I completely forget who hired us, but with the prospect of another orb and perhaps the idea that we could be bringing the wrong orb back (This goes back to my part on forgetting the details of the mission, I’ll have to note things down more often.DISREGARD THIS,THE ORB TASTES LIKE THE ONE WE WERE SEARCHING FOR) We continue our venture into the city. Entering one of the rooms finds us in a hallway, but we failed in judging the door that it was merely a simple pull. Regardless we still spent the best part of twenty minutes bombarding it with whatever we could, what are our intelligence scores again?

Puff lead the way and opened the door, filling the hall with green fumes, deciding that the “Best” method of dispersing these fumes was to breathe on it(FIRE-BREATH FUCK YEAH!) we just charged through it until we found ourselves in a room with the smell of perfume growing ever stronger, chemicals and bottles around and an old tapestry. One of the bottles was filled with a green liquid, Kuro emptied out one of his lesser potions as the bottle for this liquid was rather fragile, it seems rather harmful and as such I’ll refrain from it’s use till proper identification, fail that i’ll probably just force feed it to one of my team-mates. We cleared the tapestry and revealed that the orbs of “Sun” and “Moon” are enough to face the sword king himself, useful information before we keep advancing. A small part of the tapestry led us into another hallway.

Kuro led the charge this time and Puff simply cannot stop licking the orb(IT TASTES LIKE CREATION ITSELF) that we collected, it does not appear to respond to anything and I lack the knowledge to work it. But it does seem to respond to the “Noodle God Language”(YOU HAVE NOT SEEN!) that Puff appears to be able to speak. Kuro advanced… recklessly and as such triggered a trap that sent an entire panel to the bottom of Mojiran itself. He continuously stepped down the hallway as we stood in our supposed safety on our platform. As he made his way through the haze I could hear parts of the platform collapsing into the wisps that hold Mojiran standing. I heard fire and at long last I heard him say “Go on without me!”(At least that’s what we tell everyone) We seriously thought of mounting a rescue mission to get him back, but he was already on my nerves so I took the decision and decided to leave. Puff apparently saw glimpses of Kuro “grabbed”(UNDERSTATED,FUCKING MIND-RAPED) by something, but I didn’t get the finer details(BY THE ELDER GOD HIMSELF!).

Riding back into Corlan we are greeted by odd looks as we ride our worms. I’m actually partially glad that we left Kuro, as his worm was eaten by Mayu’s on our way in.

We went to the Duchess’ house and requested an audience. Upon our entry there was an entertainer with a harp and we proceeded to reveal our findings to Rosette. She confirmed that this was the orb of the moon and it had great power, muttering some words she made it twinkle and “sing” For our efforts we were given 100 Astral Diamonds and two scrolls for Armor and Weapons(WE EATING TONIGHT!).

I seriously don’t know what happened to Kuro, but I do wonder who’ll take his place.


ReverseG Ex_Oblivione

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