Harriett Sakuraba

Plucky proprietor of Sakuraba Yƍjimbo Kaisha (Sakuraba Guard Company) in Akina.



Has pink hair (dyed and arranged in curls and waves) and dirty blue-grey eyes, obscured by her huge eyeglasses. Has freckles across her nose and cheeks, and doesn’t wear make-up. Bushier eyebrows than normal. Moves lazily, and sucks on a lollipop even when talking to clients/employees.

Short history

A naturalised citizen of Shirokoku, originally from D’Alter, who sets up shop in the small city of Akina in her adopted country to make money and gain influence.

Happy to give adventurers missions, as long as they give her a cut of the spoils afterwards (she doesn’t care much for treasure). Occasionally goes out to the field herself, armed with a flintlock pistol and a huge-ass sword.

She is always trailed by Jin, the young orphan apprentice whom she always calls ‘Jim’, much to his consternation.

Harriett Sakuraba

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