1: Hunting for Bladebreaker
The party searches and slays the frightening Bladebreaker.

Four unlikely adventurers – Moriko, Shinji, Kuro and Amour – find themselves unwittingly recruited by Sakuraba Yojimbo Kaisha, and brought into service by Harriett Sakuraba to defeat the frightening Bladebreaker.

Along their way, Shinji manages to display his prowess by drinking a whole pint of Wedget Ale, bantering and shenanigans stop the group from displaying combat effectiveness, and they encounter the Strange Black-haired Lady.

2: How To Lynch A Lord Mayor
The team are assigned to kill the Lord Mayor of the city, per the request of the Lord Mayor himself.

With the “Bottom-Feeder” having completed their first mission, Harriett Sakuraba assigns them to assassinate Yugo Asano, the Lord Mayor of Akina, by request of Yugo Asano, the Lord Mayor of Akina. Confusion? Of course.

Joined by new team members Sun Tsu and Mayu Miyaki, the team stealthily pursued the Mayor and his entourage until they cornered them in an alley.

It turns out that the Lord Mayor of Akina was actually Yoshi Wajira, a doppelgänger pretending to be the Mayor for unknown reasons. The group managed to convince Aoi Harada – who was guarding the ‘Mayor’ – that Wajira was indeed acting his part and they succeeded in slaying him. Harada then gave her leave and the team returned to Sakuraba Yojimbo Kaisha, with the Mayor’s signet ring and cleaned-out skull (courtesy of Sun Tsu) in tow. THe party then learned that their reward would come from the Mayor’s office later on, and they eagerly awaited their next mission. While doing so, they met Alessandro Adeladesi and the rest of Ada’s Advers, who were set on the same mission but failed. After a short argument – including finding out information about the Guilding Network and attaining a Guild License – Sakuraba returned with both groups’ next mission – slay the Majestic Reaver.

Both groups resolved to take the test for the Guild License after slaying the Reaver.

3: Reaver Season
Both 4daBitchez and Ada's Advers have been set the task of defeating a monstrous Majestic Reaver. But do both parties know what they're getting into?

Team 4daBitchez and Ada’s Advers have been given the odd task of slaying a Majestic Reaver. Both parties make preparations and head into the mountains. But is Sakuraba hiding something about this mission, or is this is a simple case of one getting the prize over the other?

The journey began with the addition of the wizard Aeglos to the party; he was brought to Sakuraba for the same reason everyone else was – a legally binding contract to her agency. Substituting for Sun Tsu (who was missing due to a custody battle), the wizard expressed his desire to join the team, and was quickly accepted.

With the two teams pursuing the same target, they quickly set out for the hills. Moriko pointed out to the party that the Majestic Reaver they were after had a tendency to roost in pairs. Reaching the foothills by horseback, 4daBitchez caught up with the Advers (who had gone ahead) and suggested that they should face the creatures together – to which Alessandro simply said no. Having to face at least one Majestic Reaver alone, the party climbed to one of the many peaks of the Kuroyama Range and prepared to do battle.

The battle against the Majestic Reaver was fierce, and mishaps from the group resulted in Mayu falling unconscious under the hand of Kuro. After much struggle, and almost losing the entire party, the Majestic Reaver fell to their combined strength.

Salvaging the dead animal (its pelt, etcetera), the party proceeded to use the creature’s skull as a bobsled, and rode the thing down the slopes to the waypoint, where they proceeded to turn it into a chariot dragged by horses. Arriving at the agency, they discovered that Ada’s Advers had defeated the Majestic Reaver’s mate, and captured a clutch of two eggs.

With their mission “complete” and their reward from the previous mission in hand, Sakuraba announced that she and Jin were travelling to Sanmori Sorento. Hearing this news, the adventurers decided to join Sakuraba for her journey to Sorento.

4: An Alternate Route To Sorento
4daBitchez travels to Sorento with Sakuraba. But is it a trap?

Team 4daBitchez is travelling with Harriett Sakuraba, taking a little-travelled route into the concealed adventurer city of Sanmori Sorento in order to participate in the Guild Exam, to earn a Guild License. Before departing, the party encounters and brings in Evea Sliverlight

While travelling through the woods of Mt. Agito towards Sanmori Sorento, Sakuraba explains some details regarding the city. In the middle of her exposition, they are attacked by bandits – the bandits are taken down without much difficulty (although Jin is briefly incapacitated by a particularly angry bandit leader (he gets better)

Upon entering Sanmori Sorento, Sakuraba and Jin leave the party, and the group run into Ada and an Enigmatic Easterner. Ada recognises “Lady Sliverlight”, and the group is taken back at the fact that she is of noble blood. Having registered their application into the Guilding Network, the group is scheduled to enter the first of five sections in the Guild Exam, each designed to test their mettle and ability to work as a cohesive group.

The group is introduced to the concept of Guildmarks and to Master Paizo, who is friendly – a little too friendly – with Amour L’Morte. The group find an inn inside Ward Adravda and rest for the night, a few mishaps notwithstanding, to prepare for the Guild Exam the following day.

5: Put To The Test
The team attempts to excel at their Guild Exam.

Team 4daBitchez begins their Guild Exam, preparing to prove they are an effective guild and worthy of the name.

Watching from the shadows, prospective clients wish to attract their business early on.

6: The Final Three Tests
The tests continue

Team 4daBitchez continues, as they prepare to end their Guild Exam.

Onward into the deep.

Official cartographer for the second team heading towards Schvatz Garden. Marach.

We rode from the walled city on worms towards an apparently abandoned city filled with supposed treasure. Given a key by the Lady of the town we have been asked to retrieve some items for her. In exchange we keep anything we find.
Firstly, turns out desert worms, if left without food by their obviously depraved and immoral owners, will(without hesitation) FUCKING DEVOUR ONE OF THEIR OWN SPECIES! SHIT,I WOULDN’T BE SURPRISED IF THEY WERE RELATED. Our next issue came with the dilemma of where to open the door into the deep. We found a hole in the wall which brought forth an umber hulk from the earth, and man, was it pissed. We dealt with it accordingly(barely, more like), yet I failed to leap off of the creature’s back and as such I’m a little scarred from the experience. (Travelling through portals smaller than you are isn’t as fun as it sounds)

We entered the old city and are greeted with labyrinthine structures, I have begun sketching rough guides of the areas should we need to return to them to find our way back. Rooms upon rooms of eerily lit doors and hallways. Ever careful we are, as one small step could trigger our doom, it would be helpful if my comrades didn’t feel the need to break down doors and try and fight and/or possibly rape everything they see.

After wandering for a bit more, we encountered a gargantuan room and greeted by Magical Constructs. Fearing that the doors are trapped somehow, we have made a real point to avoid fighting in doorways as much as possible. I’d rather not pick up the pieces because someone was crushed by a door. The constructs seemed to take a liking to our knights and Puff went down several times in combat(again).

There were also coffins in the room, treasure filled they were. We’ll need to get back to town to identify these items, as the DM doesn’t approve of scrolls of identify, and i can’t seem to find Deckard Cain anywhere. But that won’t happen till we find the orb.

Once we collected the treasure, there appeared two doors and I noticed a dip in the far side of the room -As if there was a room, but closed off. I had the paladins break down the wall. We continue for our search of the orb.

Returns and Losses.
Emerging from the city we leave an ally.

Official Cartographer and nominal team leader Marach reporting on our journeys from the Old City.

As we destroyed the fake door we enter a chamber and are greeted by dim lights and an altar clasping an orb. We check the room for any dangers and ponder on how to get to the orb. Puff decides to charge headlong into it and grab the orb(because i, having no testicles and such refuse to endanger myself regardless of my AC), at which point something triggers and we’re completely weightless. Kuro and I ponder on using our crossbows to fire a line towards Puff, by such we’d be able to pull him in like a fish, Puff ignores our efforts and decides to grab the orb and kick off. As this happens, walls of flames surround him. I dive in and deflect the flames with the flat of my blade and he utilises his breath to cancel it out.

Leaving the room gravity returns and I completely forget who hired us, but with the prospect of another orb and perhaps the idea that we could be bringing the wrong orb back (This goes back to my part on forgetting the details of the mission, I’ll have to note things down more often.DISREGARD THIS,THE ORB TASTES LIKE THE ONE WE WERE SEARCHING FOR) We continue our venture into the city. Entering one of the rooms finds us in a hallway, but we failed in judging the door that it was merely a simple pull. Regardless we still spent the best part of twenty minutes bombarding it with whatever we could, what are our intelligence scores again?

Puff lead the way and opened the door, filling the hall with green fumes, deciding that the “Best” method of dispersing these fumes was to breathe on it(FIRE-BREATH FUCK YEAH!) we just charged through it until we found ourselves in a room with the smell of perfume growing ever stronger, chemicals and bottles around and an old tapestry. One of the bottles was filled with a green liquid, Kuro emptied out one of his lesser potions as the bottle for this liquid was rather fragile, it seems rather harmful and as such I’ll refrain from it’s use till proper identification, fail that i’ll probably just force feed it to one of my team-mates. We cleared the tapestry and revealed that the orbs of “Sun” and “Moon” are enough to face the sword king himself, useful information before we keep advancing. A small part of the tapestry led us into another hallway.

Kuro led the charge this time and Puff simply cannot stop licking the orb(IT TASTES LIKE CREATION ITSELF) that we collected, it does not appear to respond to anything and I lack the knowledge to work it. But it does seem to respond to the “Noodle God Language”(YOU HAVE NOT SEEN!) that Puff appears to be able to speak. Kuro advanced… recklessly and as such triggered a trap that sent an entire panel to the bottom of Mojiran itself. He continuously stepped down the hallway as we stood in our supposed safety on our platform. As he made his way through the haze I could hear parts of the platform collapsing into the wisps that hold Mojiran standing. I heard fire and at long last I heard him say “Go on without me!”(At least that’s what we tell everyone) We seriously thought of mounting a rescue mission to get him back, but he was already on my nerves so I took the decision and decided to leave. Puff apparently saw glimpses of Kuro “grabbed”(UNDERSTATED,FUCKING MIND-RAPED) by something, but I didn’t get the finer details(BY THE ELDER GOD HIMSELF!).

Riding back into Corlan we are greeted by odd looks as we ride our worms. I’m actually partially glad that we left Kuro, as his worm was eaten by Mayu’s on our way in.

We went to the Duchess’ house and requested an audience. Upon our entry there was an entertainer with a harp and we proceeded to reveal our findings to Rosette. She confirmed that this was the orb of the moon and it had great power, muttering some words she made it twinkle and “sing” For our efforts we were given 100 Astral Diamonds and two scrolls for Armor and Weapons(WE EATING TONIGHT!).

I seriously don’t know what happened to Kuro, but I do wonder who’ll take his place.

"Kecard Dain"

Official Cartographer for team Vesper. Marach.

Venturing forth from Corlan we advance towards Osteria, in search for someone who can identify everything we have raided in our last mission.

We entered a tavern and met a minotaur named Kecard Dain and an odd worm bartender. No one got much work done as we proceeded to tackle off the stage a band that consisted of a woman and a man using pistols as drum sticks. I flew towards the skies as I misstepped my teleportation and Puff… Well, Puff had a face fo face encounter with a pistol. Oddly enough it was all settled with drinks.

I still didn’t catch their names, but Puff and the Bard were both heavily drunk and I proceeded to hide them away before they caused some real trouble. This Eladrin that we have met appears to be combat ready enough. Trekking to Schvatz Garden will be nigh impossible without more allies. But he requested one thing, that if he join us. We aid him in his quest to defeat the demon that annihilated his entire town. I gladly agreed as I have my own score to settle with the gods.

We were greeted by guards and summoned to the Duchess of Anour’s abode. Our companions, still heavily intoxicated were taken in by guards and will be given a proper audience when we have all recovered. I’m hoping that these new allies will be somewhat capable, I have my doubts about the bard’s combat effectiveness, but a man with guns is undoubtable. As long as he keeps away from my items.

- Marach.

Last Journal pages of Marach.

Official Cartographer for Team Vesper, Marach.

Ending up in Osteria, we were approached by a duchess. This duchess asked us to retrieve the same orb we had already retrieved for Rosette. Not wishing to fail our first client, we took half of what she offered us and put Puff’s life on the line.

Wishing to then evade our already hidden pursuers, we rented a wagon and proceeded to the walled city of Corlan in order to see if Rosette will allows us any favours. Unfortunately that all fell through when Puff gave off too much information and forced us to once again run. But, as the Duchess has complete power over the gates, we decided to serenade her outside her house with our new found bard.

Running off to a far north town filled with Black Guards, we needed to leave.

All I know is, that death feels close. Something about this place seems deadly.

The remaining pages are all in terrible condition and do not say anything except runic gibberish that no one can understand, retrieved from the Deva’s items, as he disippated into the air


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