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  • Samantha D'Arle

    **Queen Samantha D'Arle of Terfini** (UE271-UE344, r.UE300-UE343) was the first queen and monarch of [[Terfini]] after its re-founding in UE300. Descended from the [[Kings of Terfini]], Queen Samantha contributed to much of what Terfini enjoys today as …

  • Ecclesia

    The **Ecclesia** is the proper name for the organization encompassing all clergy, laymen, administrators, military personnel and agents of the [[Church of the Allfather]]. While most people refer to the Ecclesia as one large group, the Church tends to …

  • Carmine Schildean

    Carmine Schildean is the 121st head of [[House Schildean]], the second-oldest of all the [[Great Families]]. He has sworn allegiance under [[Irma Sesna]], the Duchess of Mona Sesara and a contender to the Protectorate of Khursid.

  • Astrid Schildean

    *Astrid Schildean* is the younger sister of [[:carmine-schildean | Carmine Schildean]]. Unlike her brother, she doesn't have the ambition and drive to restore familial glory, although she carries her family's penchant for loyalty towards a liege. …