4daBitchez is the name of a D2 Guild founded in Akina and currently working under the Guilding Network, with Carmine Schildean and Simone Faizarre as main clients.

The guild is divided into two groups:

Monday Group is composed of the following:

Tuesday Group is composed of the following:

The guild also employs or recruits miscellaneous personnel:

Former members of the team include:

  • Puff the Magic Dragonborne, a paranoid follower of an elder god; Tricked into drinking a potent unknown poison by the insubstantial soul of Marach.
  • Marach, an avenging Deva from points unknown, blasted into oblivion by a stone guardian. Used final fleeting moments to have Puff drink incredibly potent Poison.
  • Amour L’Morte, the nominal leader of team Noctem, a Ferencian cleric who abandoned his vows due to celibacy issues. (surrendered and was executed by the Azure Order)
  • Moriko, an introspective Khursidi Elf with a trope-filled past (died attempting to flee from Ada’s Advers)
  • Sun Tsu, a former battle philosopher-turned-adulterer from Luon (died attempting to flee from Ada’s Advers)
  • Evea Sliverlight, the brash young daughter of a Ferencian noble (died in a dungeon bungle)
  • Vladimir Vaan Gieseking, a Tiefling bard who has hidden his infernal heritage (died attempting to flee from Ada’s Advers)
  • Kashiro, a paranoid Shirokokujin Tiefling warlock who has notoriously bad aim and a great taste for alcohol (died attempting to flee from Ada’s Advers)
  • Aoi Harada, a former lieutenant of the Azure Order, deprived of her station and forcibly pressed into service with the guild (whereabouts unknown; presumed dead)
  • Martin Wakeley, a card-carrying Westerner with the ability to summon creatures and mimic attacks. (whereabouts unknown; presumed dead)
  • Aeglos Fey-Wind, a Lefinian wizard who is also Team Diem’s leader (petrified as part of a dungeon battle in Mojiran)
  • Kuro, a Shirokokujin paladin who ran away from his training (killed in an attempt to flee a dungeon in Mojiran)
  • Shinji, a Shirokokujin family man turned into a life of crime (committed suicide after seeing the horrors of the far realm)

The team currently has an unofficial rivalry with Ada’s Advers.

The team’s current motto is “We will die as we lived, 4daBitchez.”


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