Samantha D'Arle

Queen Samantha D’Arle of Terfini (UE271-UE344, r.UE300-UE343) was the first queen and monarch of Terfini after its re-founding in UE300.

Descended from the Kings of Terfini, Queen Samantha contributed to much of what Terfini enjoys today as a nation – restoration of its ancient borders, the founding of the Order of the Citadel, economic prosperity that continued to persist despite the horror of the Third War of Hibreos, and other significant improvements.

She married Robert Major, a D’Alteran native who financially supported her cause for independence greatly, and sired King Georg I of Terfini, Princess Aura of Terfini, and Prince Frederic.

She died of natural causes in late UE344, having abdicated the throne to her son Georg the previous year due to illness, and was buried with a procession attended by thousands.

Samantha D'Arle

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