Sanmori Sorento

Sanmori Sorento

Sanmori Sorento is a city hidden within the forests surrounding Mt. Agito. Its existence is known to most adventurers, but deliberately hidden from maps to ensure their security.

The city is home to the Guilding Network, an association that manages and awards Guilds for their efforts and manages their operations. The city is also home to massive underground dungeons and training grounds, designed in order to avoid being spotted from overhead and to keep the city beneath tree level.

The city hosts the annual Guild Exam, a set of tests designed for teams of adventurers wishing to earn their Guild License.


Sanmori is located deep within the forests at the foot of Mt. Agito – while most people outside the region know that the place exists, the road to Sanmori Sorento is dangerous enough

The city is divided into six areas, each with divisions and shops available to them: Entregarde, The Loft, The Guildsafe, Ward Sanctum, Ward Adravda and Ward Kaleos.


Notable locations


Entregarde is the main entrance to Sanmori Sorento, and the main thoroughfare for all visitors to the city.

Traveler’s Respite (Inn)

The Guildsafe

  • The Guilding Hall (Guilding Network)
  • Midmarche (fine dining)
  • The Blessed Ivory (Public house)
  • Escudo, (armoury; Sudo Sudosh, proprietor)
  • Agur, (weapons forge; Lady Akisma of Khursid, proprietor)
  • The local Bansaart Bank (banking)

Ward Sanctum

Ward Sanctum is prime residential real estate, home to some of the richer characters in Sanmori Sorento. It is also the main base for representatives of patron houses and some magical families (due to the seclusion that Snamori Sorento provides)

  • Church of St. Myrna (religious centre)

Ward Adravda

Ward Adravda is a mostly residential area, home to several leatherworkers and other guild-related trades. Of the three wards, this area caters mostly to adventurers.

  • Segismundo (inn)
  • Alvena Adravda (wealthy residential area, named after the prime benefactor of this area)
  • Kenner’s Leatherworking (leather and scale armour works; Ken Kenner, proprietor)
  • Dread Khursidi Watch (lawkeeping)
  • Apothecaria Shiro (healing house)

Ward Kaleos








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Sanmori Sorento

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