Timeline of Erideos

This is a measured timeline of events in Erideos from the first age onwards. The timeline is measured using the Union Era as the base of the timeline.

First Age

  • ??Ecclesia teachings tell of the world being created by the Allfather in times past, molding each contour of the continent with his own hands. He names it Erideos (meaning ‘gift from on high’ in Ferencian) and breathes life into the land, creating life.
  • ?? – The most pervasive creation story of the Empire of the Moon tells of how the Ancient Ones thrust the mighty pendant Ara Veo (meaning ‘gift of the gods’ in Khursidi) into the water. It broke apart, creating the continents of Tibris and Hibreo, and filling the land with magic.
  • BUE ca 27000 – the earliest remains of humans in Erideos are attributed to this period.
  • BUE ca 12000 – the first great civilization, the Laga, unite warring tribes in Southern Hibreo.
  • BUE ca 9000 – the indigenous tribes of Tibris form a united people known as the Daoto.
  • BUE ca 8000 – the last of the Laga disappear, returning the Hibrean landscape to that of warring tribes.
  • BUE ca 5000 – the Elbesa (precursors of the Elbini) form their great empire with the capital at the site of modern-age Caled.
  • BUE 2110 – the native tribes of northeast Tibris, the Wedgets, found a unilateral republic known as Wedgetland – the first democratic republic of any nature in Erideos.
  • BUE 1686Edvar Terfin, a distant relative of King Agvar, manifests the ability to control magic. He changes his name to Tenser (a word meaning ‘giver of blessing’) and his household forms the first of the Great Families.
  • BUE 1681 – Prophet Aristos writes and publicly recites the Book Of Gates, the central tenet of what is to become the Church of the Allfather.
  • BUE 1679 – the Empire of Terfini collapses, resulting in the founding of Shirokoku, Aram Elbin, and Lefina.

Second Age

  • BUE 1678:
  • BUE 1669 – Aristide Schildean formally adopts Tomar Tenser, laying the seeds for the foundation of House Schildean.
  • BUE 1651 – the Church of the Allfather, otherwise known as the Ecclesia, rise in prominence throughout the nations of Western Hibreo.
  • BUE 1629 – Cerno Schildean formally founds House Schildean.
  • BUE 1615 – the Kingdom of Luon and Shirokoku merge to form the Empire of the Moon.
  • BUE 1601 – Hakkarn Esode, a descendant of the Tensers, founds House Esode.
  • BUE 1599 – Mimi Akasha founds House Akasha, becoming the only other female founder of a Great Family.
  • BUE 1575 – Anudan Ruya founds House Ruya.
  • BUE 1566 – emigrants and ethnic tribes in southwestern Tibris form the Council of Liberty and establish the Republic of D’Alter.
  • BUE 1519 – Dansel Warder founds House Warder.
  • BUE 1498 – Ana Canard-Keller, a descendent of the Tensers, founds House Keller, becoming only the second female founder of a Great Family.
  • BUE 1444 – the Tanka Empire in northwestern Tibris gives way to the Mountain Republic of Jesca.
  • BUE 1407 – Kai Nantei founds House Nantei.
  • BUE 1154 – three descendants of the Tensers found their own Houses within the same year – Alerius Tremelin, Wilhelm Elke, and Faustus Mogi – rounding out the twelve original Great Families.
  • BUE 1129 – the twelve large Houses officially organise themselves into the Great Families.
  • BUE 998 – the Blessed Republic of Verserad is formed in southeastern Tibris.
  • BUE 750 – the four non-allied nations of Tibris federate, forming the Northern States.
  • BUE 700 – the Great Families engage in the first skirmishes of the Familial Wars.
  • BUE 681 – the Familial Wars are ceased through the Tenser Summit, a written agreement among the twelve families that war is never to be wholly instigated by any of the Great Families.
  • UE 1 – The Free City is founded; in celebration, the 14 member nations create a new calendar, with the epoch declared to be the Union Era (or UE).

Third Age

  • UE 1 – the Council of Erideos meets for the first time, resulting in the legislation and trade terms groundwork for all 14 member nations.
  • UE 2 – the nation of Karosh Hajappur is founded in a remote island southwest of Hibreo; it is refused recognition by the Council of Erideos.
  • UE 229

Fourth Age

  • UE 298Samantha D’Arle arrives at Oressa and declares the second founding of Terfini. The High Nations respond by mobilising Ecclesia agents to assassinate D’Arle, but fail in the attempt.
  • UE299:
    • agents of the Black Church are discovered in considerable force, and systematic attacks on their bases in Lefina and Eltem are conducted by High Nations authorities combined with members of the Ecclessia Arma.
    • Terfini is bolstered by armed support from D’Alter and Verserad, as well as ground support from Shirokoku. The High Nations see this as an affront to their territorial sovereignty and declare war on the Empire, superseding all diplomatic avenues through the Free City.
  • UE 300 – a battle between Aram Elbin and a coalition of forces based in Terfini clash near Oressa, with Aram Elbin being forced to retreat despite larger troop numbers.
  • UE 304 – Terfini invades Aram Elbin, forcing the Elbini royal family out of Caled and reclaiming ancient Terfini’s old borders. Aram Elbin retains some of its original area and re-establishes government in its new capital of Bergeram.
  • UE 306 – a large standing army allied with the Black Church is defeated soundly by a Lefinian force mobilising towards Midway Forest. The Black Church leadership retreats into hiding.
  • UE 310 – the High Nations develops the first military-grade airship thanks to Northern States phlogiston technology. Seeing this, the Empire begins work on their own airborne ship technology.
  • UE 320 – the Empire complete construction of their fortress-sized airship, using a different propulsion method than the High Nations airships.
  • UE 335 – the Arliss Rebellion begins in the nation of Verserad, and even manages to spread to Jesca and D’Alter. The Northern States begin to mobilize their forces.
  • UE 337Gwynn Arliss is hung for high treason, effectively ending the Arliss Rebellion.
  • UE 375 – as the High Nations diverts resources towards escalating the war against the Empire, a treaty is reached with Terfini in exchange for non-participation during the upcoming conflict.
  • UE 390 – the Great Hibrean Split occurs, a catastrophic event that splits the continent of Hibreo in two and forces an immediate ceasefire between the Empire and the High Nations.

Fifth Age

  • UE 391 – the Treaty of Anavail is signed, ending the Third War of Hibreo.
  • UE 392 – forces led by Inquisitor Randell begin The Great Purge, further reducing the population of the Great Families.
  • UE 393 – the first Yabanci appear. The Khursidi study them extensively and give names to two variants – the Elva (meaning ‘slender’ in Khursidi) and Duarva (meaning ‘stocky’ in Khursidi).
  • UE 401 – the Guilding Network – an international adventurer’s community – is established by a young Content Not Found: master-pelgrane to help alleviate the world’s growing population of disenfranchised young adults.
  • UE 451:
    • Al-Faled, the High Minister of Khursid, is murdered by Shirokokujin assassins. Shirokoku immediately denies all accusations.
    • Shirokoku launches an attack on Farvardin and acknowledges the existence of a mystery superweapon located on the border between the two countries. Relations between the nations worsen as Shirokoku declares its intention to escalate conflict. The new High Minister, Irma Sesna, assembles a war council to defend the country against an invasion.
    • Shirokoku launches an attack on the Ferencian city of Tesserata, reducing the city and its 15,000 inhabitants into a crater on the ground. Amazingly, the superweapon (known as the Dalmiya Cannon) used managed to bypass the magical barrier shielding the Great Cleft and strike precisely at its intended target.
    • Shirokoku uses the Dalmiya Cannon to destroy everything higher than 20 metres in the Khursidi capital of Farvardin.

Timeline of Erideos

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